Thames Skiffs are traditional rowing boats, we have various sizes taking 2 to 6 people each. They date from 1894 to present day.

Rowing involves two or four oars depending on the size of boat, two oars per rower. Each boat also has a rudder for steering, the rudder has two ropes, pull left to go left and right to go right.


Punts are long boats seating up to five people. One person has the pole & the others have paddles.

Traditionally the boat is propelled by pushing a long pole against the river bed and forcing the punt forward through the water. However an easier thing to do is to let everyone paddle & the person with the pole just does the steering.


We have three traditional wooden Canadian Canoes which will seat up to four people, one person paddles at the stern, one at the bow, two people can sit in the middle.

Motor Boats

Our Sister company is Pulteney Cruisers, the longest established boat tour operator in Bath. We have been running boat trips from Pulteney weir in the centre of Bath for over 50 years. Our boats each seat 80 people & have a cafe & toilet on board. There is a sundeck or heated cabin depending on the weather.

We offer a scenic hour’s cruise up the River Avon to the village of Bathampton on our twin decked boats. The trip passes under the historic Pulteney Bridge & out into the beautiful Avon valley.

For the enjoyment of your visit, please read our Coronavirus Safety Update carefully

We have put safety measures in place protecting customers and our staff, please be aware service may be slower than normal, this is for safety reasons!

You must be able to get in and out of the boat unaided by our staff, if you are not agile enough for this you cannot go.

We now only take contactless card payments. We only allow a maximum of 2 hours on the river, if we are busy this may be reduced to 1 hour.

We are keeping our bins open, please protect us by doing the recycling properly, crush cans, crush plastic bottles, recycle as much as possible.

Please hand sanitise on your way in! We also have hand sanitiser at the toilet entrance, so please sanitise on your way in and out of the toilet!

You can only go boating if everyone in your boat is from the same household, we do not allow people from different households in the same boat as you cannot socially distance!

Please stand 2 meters apart, follow the signs for guidance.

We ask all customers to wear gloves when coming boating, either their own or ones we supply. We supply these at our cost price, you can ask for any pairs you need at the office.

We also would prefer if everyone wore masks whilst queuing and getting in and out of boats, to provide maximum protection for our staff and customers.

There is a one-way system in place, for your safety.

We are doing everything we can to protect customers and our staff, please respect this. We must stress you enter at your own risk. We ask if you or your household have any symptoms please do not enter.