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Welcome to the Bath Boating Station

The Boating Station offers Rowing, Canoeing, and punting, available for hire for 1 or 2 hours along the river Avon. We do not offer any longer than 2 hours.

Most of our boats are wooden & some are over 100 years old. The Boating Station offers pretty lawns (toilets on site) where you can picnic after you have been boating.

We have two dogs and two cats on the premises, for info on them and our dog policy see FAQs.

We are perfectly placed on the river Avon, within easy flat walking distance of the City Centre.

The River

Our section of the river includes a variety of business, including the Bathwick Boatman restaurant located on our site, Pulteney cruisers in the town centre and the soon to open Cleveland pools.

The section of the River Avon in Bath we are on is part of the Bristol Avon. The navigable section for our boats is approximately 2 and a quarter miles long and runs from Cleveland Bridge a quarter of a mile downstream from the Boating Station To Bathampton 2 miles upstream, passing Pulteney Cruisers, The Boatman Restaurant & Cleveland Pools.

An abundance of wildlife can be found on the River Avon, including kingfishers herons, mallards, moorhens and if you’re really lucky you may spot an otter.

Opening Hours

Open Wednesday to Sunday including Bank Holidays

10.00am – 5.30pm

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Last boat hire is at 16.30


Our most frequent questions and answers

If the weather is good we will be busy and it is best to book a few days in advance especially for weekends. For groups of 6 or less use the online site on the prices and bookings page, this is automatic. For groups of 7 or more we ask you to please contact us directly (email – [email protected]).

On weekends, Bank Holidays, and hot busy days, if you book for the afternoon, we do our absolute best to get boats back on time for your booking, but we do not guarantee the time as morning boaters can be late back if the weather is fantastic. (This happens very rarely). We ask you bare this in mind when booking an afternoon slot.

Yes. All our prices are per person. Following hours are half price & you will be charged. If you only want to pay for an hour be back on time as this can also impact on other customers enjoyment.

Please check our Prices page for all pricing information.

For group bookings you pay in advance by bank transfer. Generally we don’t take pre-payments for just one boat but when you book through the contact page you will be told if a payment is required.

We ask for car keys or driving licence as deposit. To be kept for the duration of your boat trip. Please collect on return from the office. If you forget to pick them back up, then here is what we will do:

Driving license – We send driving licenses back to their displayed addresses 24-48 hours after them being left. They are sent first class via royal mail. We are not responsible for them once they are posted back. If you have an issues, i.e. you would rather collect or the address is incorrect please contact us immediately via email.

Keys – Unlikely but if you do leave your keys, we ask them to be collected in person. When collecting you will be asked for information about your booking and a description of your keys or ID/Card displaying the name of the booking they were left under.

Yes we do but it can get busy on weekends if the weathers good. On Sundays you can park on the road outside.

Boating still goes ahead if it is raining, just bring a brolly or a rain coat. Deposits are only refunded if the river is flooded.

Yes. However, please check the website for current river conditions.

We do not allow dogs on the premises, due to this being our dogs’ home.

We have two dogs on the grounds, a young Grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Nelly (who is still learning)  and a very large old black Lurcher named Meme. Be aware this is their home they run free, if you or your children are unsure of dogs please do not enter. They are both very friendly, but very, very playful, please be mindful of children when entering. Nelly will jump up as she is a puppy and adores people, tell her no, and if she is annoying you speak to a member of staff.

Yes. You can take it on the boat or you are welcome to use our picnic tables at the Boating Station after you have been boating.

We provide buoyancy aids which are only compulsory for children and non swimmers. If you would like one just ask at the office.

We can accommodate adults up to 100kg, as this is our largest life jacket.

Our booking site sizes the boats based on the average sized adult, using 80kg per person. If you book a boat for 4 persons (including adults or children) it will book a boat that is suitable for 4 persons allowing up to 80kg per person. Bookings can be a mix of some people below and some above this, if still within the total limit.  

If you are unsure which boats are best or if you need extra boats/larger boats email us, we are happy to help! We do our very best to accommodate everyone.

Weighting the boats safely is our biggest priority, on arrival our staff may place you in specific seats to make sure the boats sit correctly in the water, if boats do not sit correct, they cannot go out

Self Catering Accommodation

We have two attractive units available to at rent at the Boating Station, both overlooking the River Avon.

Toad Hall has two double bedrooms, kitchen bathroom and sitting room with a great sitting out balcony overlooking the river with fine views both up and down stream.

The Garden Room is a double bed sitting room with ensuite facilities, again with a sitting out area overlooking the Avon.

For the enjoyment of your visit, please read our Coronavirus Safety Update carefully

We have put safety measures in place protecting customers and our staff, please be aware service may be slower than normal, this is for safety reasons!

You must be able to get in and out of the boat unaided by our staff, if you are not agile enough for this you cannot go.

We now only take contactless card payments. We only allow a maximum of 2 hours on the river, if we are busy this may be reduced to 1 hour.

We are keeping our bins open, please protect us by doing the recycling properly, crush cans, crush plastic bottles, recycle as much as possible.

Please hand sanitise on your way in! We also have hand sanitiser at the toilet entrance, so please sanitise on your way in and out of the toilet!

You can only go boating if everyone in your boat is from the same household, we do not allow people from different households in the same boat as you cannot socially distance!

Please stand 2 meters apart, follow the signs for guidance.

We ask all customers to wear gloves when coming boating, either their own or ones we supply. We supply these at our cost price, you can ask for any pairs you need at the office.

We also would prefer if everyone wore masks whilst queuing and getting in and out of boats, to provide maximum protection for our staff and customers.

There is a one-way system in place, for your safety.

We are doing everything we can to protect customers and our staff, please respect this. We must stress you enter at your own risk. We ask if you or your household have any symptoms please do not enter.